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Share your gear, and up your game: MyGear is the social media app for sports enthusiasts

MyGear - The social media app for sports gear enthusiasts | Product Hunt

Level Up Your Adventures

Keep track of the thrilling adventures your fellow gear enthusiasts are embarking upon. Engage in our vibrant community by showing your support with likes and sparking conversations with comments. Get social and enjoy the camaraderie of shared passion.

Exciting new gear

Embark on a journey through our extensive catalogue of products. Discover the thrill of finding new treasures within our vast selection.

Your Locker

Meet your personalized gear manager: the Locker. This feature is designed to not only store but also help you efficiently manage your personal gear collection.

Information you need

Draw insights from the reviews penned by other users and, if something catches your eye or tugs at your heartstrings, indulge yourself with a shopping spree!

We’re a team of avid adventure and sports enthusiasts that are passionate about helping you find the perfect gear for the adventure ahead of you. Our platform cuts through the noise to help you find the kit you need, quickly and easily.

  • Share your adventures

    Show off the gear you use and love with the community

  • Videos by default

    Your gear looks better in motion but photos are great too. Just remember - no filters!

  • Social features as standard

    Like, comment and follow the people who inspire you

  • Your Locker

    Store all your gear and keep track of how you use it

  • Publish anywhere

    Take your achievements outside of MyGear. Your post work with all major social media platforms

  • Gear tracking

    Even great gear sometimes needs a refresh. Keep track of how you are using yours so you know when that time has come

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